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Hello, Our Dear Coffee Friend & Fellow Coffee Enthusiast:

WELCOME to Royal Barista Coffee. We warmly welcome you into our Royal Barista Coffee Family. 

We humbly invite your kind patronage to our honest coffee shoppe to experience and taste our vast array of masterfully roasted and crafted coffees in either beans or grounds modalities.

We LOVE coffee, and all our coffee products are infused with this earnest applied passion for YOU to enjoy the best coffee.

Our defining mission at is to deliver the BEST-TASTING and HIGHEST-QUALITY COFFEE that you will enjoy day in and day out. And moreover, we aim to purvey coffee to endow a great, big smile on your face as you sip its silky delectability; and to offer coffee flavors to make you feel good as you wrap your hands around your favorite mug harboring our black gold.

We deliver all this coffee goodness at fair, reasonable prices every single day. Every day is a sale day with

Moreover, we ship our coffee products for FREE within and across the USA. You do NOT need to add any extra charge on top of the product price you see on our shoppe. What you see is what you pay. Value is assured.

We only roast your coffee the day it ships. We offer you the FRESHEST coffee on the Internet. Bar none.

Your satisfaction with our coffee is of paramount importance to us. Your smile is our reward.

This is Royal Barista Coffee. Coffees for the connoisseur. 


We humbly ask to be your online coffee store and to be one of your 'go-to' coffee sources for your home and office.

We thank you highly for your considering Royal Barista Coffee to be your personal, direct coffee portal to happiness.   



My name is Fortunato Barbieri, and I am the Founder and Proprietor of I sincerely bid you, my new friend, a hearty, "Hello!"

With my proudly being of Italian heritage -- since the day I was of the 'coffee-drinking' age in an Italian household -- I have been imbibing coffee, especially Italian espresso coffees brewed on the stove top.

The totally comforting, enchanting, unique aroma of freshly brewed stove-top Italian espresso coffee in the stove-top (Moka) coffee machine is my favourite fragrance. I am convinced it is in my blood; I am led to believe that my blood type, at least unofficially, is "CB" for "coffee bean."    

I thus sought an avenue to source quality coffees that I may offer denizens of the USA, and the world, through the channel of

And I launched our online coffee enterprise to simultaneously fulfill my lifelong passion and natural exuberance of talking about and sharing fine coffees with kind, interested persons; and to build, and to be a part of, a community of fellow coffee lovers. 

Rise and shine to our Utopian coffees. You deserve a joyous life. 


We truthfully and cordially THANK YOU for visiting our honest coffee shoppe, and we aspire to serve you well in your purchasing the fine coffees available on Salute! Cheers!  

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